In 2008 Hannie Verbeek started as resident DJ in a Club in Aachen (GER).

At this time she decided to take different artist names for her styles. DALORA for Hardstyle and QUITARA for the mainstream Hardcore.

Since 2009 she performed at different hardcore party’s in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

In 2010 she started with producing. She released on labels like: Important Hardcore and Derailed Traxx Black.

In 2012 she became more and more famous in Germany with her first release ‘Poisonous’ and ‘Never Stops.’ This one was a huge success and many hardcore releases have followed, like: Rise Of The Legion (Army of Hardcore Anthem 2012), My Desire, Delirious, Commitment, Recognize, the Army of Hardcore Anthem 2013, Dedication and so on.

She showed her skills on well known events like: Nature One (GER),

Toxicator (GER/PL), Earthquake (GER), Mayday (GER), Ruhr in Love (GER), The Qontinent (BE), Army of Hardcore (GER), Alcatrazz Festival (NL), Madnezz (NL), Neverland Festival (BE) and Pokke Herrie (GER).

She performed in countries like: Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Poland & Austria.

Her performance is characterized by the appropriate choice of music, interaction with the crowd and the time she takes for her fans. This makes it a unique experience for the partypeople.

Her fanbase is growing fast.